Autonomous and Electric Vehicles - AutoEV

Autonomous Industrial Vehicles
Self-driving Car
Hydrogen Car

Autonomous Industrial Vehicles

  • Hardware integration: Sensors: LIDAR, sonar, radar, camera…
  • Software development : Robot Operating System (ROS), Gazebo, Rviz
  • Location module, Assisted Mapping Module (2D and 3D), Trajectory Planning Module, Fleet management module, Planner Optimization considering energy efficiency
  • Real-time map update and dynamic route planning, Dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

Self-driving Cars

  • Optimisation of Automated Navigation Features in Difficult Weather Conditions : (1) Adaptive breaking system (2) Adaptive cruise control (3) Forward Collision Warning (FCW) (4) Alert system for dangerous situations
  • Hardware and software integration: intelligent camera (Mobileye), Infrared camera,  LIDAR, sonar, radar…,
  • Fusion of sensor data for driving assistance systems in normal conditions
  • Adaptation of the technology to Canadian winter conditions

Industrial partner : Cutric, Rexys

Project : Transformation of an ordinary vehicle into an autonomous vehicle adapted to winter conditions


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Présentation about autonomous vehicle and energy efficiency

Hydrogen Vehicles

  • Modeling dynamic behavior, especially in winter
  • Optimization and characterization of energy sources (battery, fuel cell and hydrogen generator)
  • Eco-energetic optimization of paths, optimization and multi-sensory fusion (winter conditions)
  • Design and optimization of hybrid energy systems
  • Design and optimization of range extender for electric vehicles
  • Design and optimization of intelligent navigation systems

Industrial partner : Transition Énergie Québec, Harnois Énergie

Project : Evaluation of the overall energy efficiency of a hydrogen ecosystem composed of hydrogen production station, refueling station and 50 hydrogen vehicles

Industrial partner : Noovelia

Project : Development of hydrogen-based energy range extender for autonomous mobile robots

Industrial partner : MTLS Aerostructure (MTLS), Pratt &Whitney Canada (P&WC) et FLYING WHALES (FW)

Project : Hybrid multisource system design and management for air transport applications


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