Smart Grid and Vehicles

Smart Grids

The Hydrogen Research Institute (IRH) and the LIREI (Laboratoire d’Innovation et de Recherche en Énergie Intelligente) have expertise in key areas of smart grids, obtained through several years of valuable research studies. Smart grids offer different potentials for improving energy efficiency, service quality, and customer’s satisfaction through the convergence of information and communication technologies (ICT), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), electronics, and energy conversion systems in general.

Smart Grid LIREI IRH
Smart Grid and Vehicles IRH

Smart Vehicles

Considering low environmental impact mobility, our work focuses on optimizing the performance of obstacle detection sensors, 2D and 3D mapping of navigation environments, multi-sensory fusion, vehicles intelligent trajectory planning, and energy efficiency control of electric (battery or fuel cell), hybrid (battery-powered gasoline engine, battery-fuel cell, and battery-generator) and plug-in hybrid vehicles.