Huot's Lab

Huot’s group is mainly interested in the storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides. Research is diversified both in terms of materials as well as synthesis and preparation techniques.

This type of research is stimulating because it involves solid knowledge in chemistry, physics, metallurgy, thermodynamics and solid-gas interactions.

Most research projects are in collaboration with universities and international laboratories (France, Norway, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, India).

Our group’s research is essentially on two levels: development of new alloys and use of new synthesis and preparation techniques. Several types of alloys are currently being studied. These include: Alloys based on magnesium or titanium, TiFe alloys, high entropy alloys, alloys based on titanium and having a cubic body-centered structure, Laves’ phase alloys.

Jacques Huot

The training of researchers is a priority for our group. Students have freedom of action while being supervised by professors and IRH researchers. The approach is very informal and students have free access to specialized equipment. In addition, through international collaborations, students could have the opportunity to perform unique synchrotron and neutron experiments.

Huot Lab IRH

With regard to the means of synthesis and preparation, we study mechanical alloying, cold rolling, synthesis by arc furnace or a combination of these techniques. Our research is both fundamental and applied. We are in constant interaction with the industry to find out the specific needs that will improve the competitiveness of metal hydrides as a means of storing hydrogen. Finally, it should be noted that our research is not exclusive to the storage of hydrogen. We also have activities on hydrogen embrittlement and battery materials.


Daniela Bellon Huot Lab IRH

Daniela Bellon

Position: PhD

Industrial engineering and magister in advance energy system from Universidad de Santander in Colombia. I have worked since 2016 as a teacher at this same university and I have experience in research associated with Materials for Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Economy and Renewable Energy. I have been a young researcher of the program of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation -COLCIENCIAS Colombia and I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies in Sciences de l’energie et des matériaux at UQTR.

Elena Ulate Huot Lab IRH

Elena Ulate

Position: PhD
Phone: 4461

My name is Elena Ulate-Kolitsky I am a PhD student of the program “Doctorat en sciences de l’energie et des materiaux”. I finished my bachelors in Material Science and Engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica in 2018 and fast-tracked into the doctoral program. During my undergrad I had the oportunity to do an internship at the IRH as part of my final thesis to graduate. I had a chance to work with Prof. Jacques Huot, who is now my PhD supervisor. During this time I travel and discovered Quebec but most importantly learned about hydrogen storage. Coming from Costa Rica you cant help but be enviorementally contious, I knew I wanted to study metal hydrides. This field allows me to research two things I love renewable energy, the storage of it in my case and to stick to one of the pillars of my undergraduate studies due to the strong metallurgical component linked to metal hydrides. Throughout my time at the IRH I have gotten the opportunity to learn the real physics behind the formulas we use in engineering which becomes indispensable during results analysis.

Francia Ravalison

Francia Ravalison

Position: PhD

Originally from Madagascar, I came to Quebec in 2017 to do a Master in Physics during which I studied the effect of hydrogen on the hardness of steels. In September 2019, I started my PhD. My work focuses on the study of hydrogen storage properties pof rich-vanadium alloys.

Maria Moussa Huot Lab IRH

Maria Moussa

Position: PhD
Phone: 4461

Maria Moussa completed her bachelor and master’s degrees in material chemistry, at the Lebanese University. During her master 2, she worked with biomaterials in LERMAB Nancy-France. She also worked on a project with ceramics at LafargeHolcim in Lebanon, during her master 1. As a first-year doctoral student at IRH, her research project explores the high entropy alloys for hydrogen storage.

Priyanka Bhatt Huot Lab IRH

Priyanka Bhatt

Position: PhD
Phone: 3576
My name is Priyanka Bhatt. I am from India. After completing M.Sc. in Physics in India, I have worked as a Research assistant in National Laboratory of Physics, New Delhi, India.
Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at Department of Chimie, Biochimie et Physique, UQTR since January 2019.
I am a Queen Elizabeth Scholar, working under supervision of Prof. Jacques Huot under research project titled as “A new composite electrode for enhanced Hydrogen storage and more efficient electrode for Ni-Metal Hydride battery“.
Ravi Prakash Huot Lab IRH

Ravi Prakash

Position: PhD
Phone: 4461

Ravi Prakash is a second year PhD student in Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. His doctoral research is a cotutelle between UQTR and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and his interests are to investigate the effect of contamination in TiFe based metal hydrides. He holds a master’s degree in Energy Science and Engineering from Indian IITB, which is an multidisciplinary approach focusing on research and development of sustainable energy systems for the future.

Sabrine Boulila Huot Lab IRH

Sabrine Boulila

Position: PhD
Phone: 4461

PhD student working between IRH in Canada and Lem3, lorraine university in France. Thesis title: Hydrogen absorption properties in commercial titanium processed by cold rolling and surface mechanical attrition treatmen.

Salma Sleiman Huot Lab IRH

Salma Sleiman

Position: PhD
Phone: 2720

I am in my third year studying the behavior of hydrogen in high entropy alloys that are classified recently as a new class of metal hydrides. I taught physics for secondary classes for 12 years and I am a mom for three kids.

Alumni since 2019

Abhishek Kumar Patel Huot Lab

Abhishek Kumar Patel

Position: PhD

PhD (Joint doctoral program/Cotutelle PhD agreement) (2014-2020)

Study of the effect of heat treatment and cooling rate on hydrogenation of TiFe alloys with additives (Supervisors: Prof. Pratibha Sharma and Prof. Jacques Huot)

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India Institut de recherche sur l’hydrogène (Hydrogen Research Institute), Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres), Canada

M.Sc. in Energy under dual degree M.Sc. + Ph.D. program (2012-2014)

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, (India)

B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics (2009-2012)

Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India Experience: Research Associate- Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (6th December 2019- 5th June 2020)

Projects & Research Interests:

Abhishek’s major research focus is on the casting of TiFe at industrial scale and finding its hydrogenation properties. His research interest is on the thermodynamics study of metal hydrides for vehicular applications. His expertise lies in the synthesis and characterization of metal hydrides and using Sieverts apparatus for hydrogen sorption.

Amol Kamble Huot Lab

Amol Kamble

Position: PhD
BE-Mechanical, College of Engineering Pune, India, 2000-2004
M.Tech.- Automobile, Veermata Jijau Technological Institute, India, 2005-2007
PhD – Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay India+UQTR, Canada, 2015-2019

Current Position- Associate Professor Mechanical, Amity University Mumbai, India.
Teaching Experience-13 years
Industrial Experience- 2 Years

Research Interests:
Renewable energy
Hydrogen storage Materials
Automobile engineering
Mechanical engineering
Catherine Gosselin Huot Lab

Catherine Gosselin

Position: PhD

Catherine Gosselin obtained her PhD in energy and materials science in June 2019. Her thesis topic: Effects of yttrium and zirconium on the hydrogenation properties of titanium-iron alloy.

She also has a master’s degree in physics, her research focused on the effect of zirconium, nickel and their alloys on the activation of titanium-iron.

She is currently an MBA student (project management) at UQTR.

Renato Belli Strozi Huots Lab

Renato Belli Strozi

Position: PhD

My name is Renato Belli Strozi. I am a Ph.D. student in Energy Sciences, and Materials Science and Engineering currently enrolled in a cotutelle agreement entered between Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (QC, Canada) and Federal University of São Carlos (SP, Brazil). My research project is aimed at designing strategies of high-entropy alloys (HEAs) for hydrogen storage. Some design approaches are applied, followed by choosing an appropriate process route and a systematic study of the chemical composition variation on the alloy’s structural characteristics. Thus, understanding the influence of some alloy aspects on hydrogen storage properties enables the establishment of correlations with design concepts, contributing to the development of suitable HEAs for hydrogen storage applications.