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Contact: ‪Loïc Boulon

The Hydrogen Research Institute offers a comprehensive service in chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science and engineering related to hydrogen technologies and its safe use. For innovative small and medium-sized businesses, NRC’s IRAP program provides access to consulting services offered by our world-class researchers. Also, IRH is an essential partner for fundamental and precompetitive research projects

Hydrogen: One of the main research activities of IRH has been the development of advanced materials for gas storage.

The team is currently broadening their research in materials science to that of emerging energies, with a particular focus on energy storage, purification and energy efficiency. IRH also continues its activities in the optimization of carbon nanostructures as a catalytic support. We want to use nanotechnology to continue to develop hydrogen detectors and on-board sensors.

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Smart Grid and Vehicles IRH

Smart grid and vehicles.

The energy transition and innovation in the transport sector aim to obtain both a sufficient reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and satisfactory autonomy, while taking into account the constraints of the Québec winter and limitations of energy storage systems.

Materials Science: Synthesis and characterization of materials for sustainable energies.

The research activities are based on an integrated approach combining theoretical, numerical and experimental tools, which involve the identification of promising materials by high throughput digital screening based on ab initio simulations guided by artificial intelligence, chemical synthesis. of these materials, their integration into devices and reactors and their evaluation in test benches.