Pierre Bénard Ph.D.Director and Professor

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  • Physique statistique.
  • Simulations Monte Carlo Grand Canonique Quantique.
  • Sciences des Matériaux, Physique théorique, Adsorption, Matériaux microporeux, Nanostructures de carbone, Graphène, Matériaux 2d.
  • Hydrogène, Gaz Naturel, Biométhane, Biogaz, Purification, Stockage, Séparation de gaz, Énergies renouvelables.

Pierre Bénard (Ph.D) is a Professor of Physics at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and a member of the Hydrogen Research Institute. He holds a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from the Université de Sherbrooke and a M. Sc. (Physics) from the University of Toronto. He has written over 100 refereed contributions. Pierre Benard is director of the Hydrogen Research Institute.

His research interests cover the theoretical and numerical study of microporous adsorbents for hydrogen storage and purification (from materials to system) and the study of hydrogen safety issues using computational fluid dynamics and reduced models.

He led subtask A on Physical Effects Knowledge Gaps of the International Energy Agency’s task 31 of the Hydrogen Implementing Agreement. He was a member of the board of director of CQMF, the Québec Centre on Functional Materials and member of the scientific committee of the Hydrogen Canada NSERC Strategic Research Network (H2Can). He is a member of the Québec Network on Intelligent Energy Systems and of the board of directors of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel cell Association. He is also guest professor at the School of Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Wuhan. Pierre has worked in the field of hydrogen energy technologies since 1998.

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