Adam Duong Ph.D.Professor

Adam Duong Profile IRH
  • Organic/Inorganic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry
  • Materials and Crystal design
  • Chemical framework, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Covalent Organic Frameworks
  • Gas storage
  • Photocatalysis for hydrogen production and carbon dioxide reduction
  • X-ray diffractions

Professor Adam Duong awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Montreal, where he completed a doctorate in chemistry. His doctoral dissertation, completed in 2011, involved the design and synthesis of supramolecular 2D and 3D networks using a strategy combining coordination chemistry and molecular recognition. Thereafter, he continued his research at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab where he concentrated on the synthesis of materials for energy storage.

Two central issues are addressed in our work: energy conversion and storage.

In 2014, he accepted the position of professor in chemistry at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Prof. Adam Duong’s interdisciplinary research focuses on the design of materials for applications in gas storage and separation, catalysis for hydrogen production and carbon dioxide reduction. His research combines tools from organic and inorganic chemistry, supramolecular and reticular chemistry.

+1 (819) 376-5011 Ext: 3570
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