Summer Intern in Artificial Intelligence

Our philosophy

Innovation / Teamwork / Diversity

We are bilingual: French and English. We have received students from 22 nationalities and we have a good atmosphere that encourages teamwork. In addition, graduate students are usually accompanied to enter the job market.

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    Our industrial partners develop and market mobile platforms for moving inside a factory. These mobile platforms are designated by AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and the first generation uses batteries as on-board power sources and a guide marked by a wire (wire guidance).

    The companies collaborate with our research team for the development of the second generation of AGV with intelligent navigation and flexible guidance systems (laser rangefinder, radar, sonar, camera, etc.).

    Department: Génie électrique ou Génie Mécanique
    Professor: Sousso Kelouwani
    Education: Bachelor's Degree
    Compensation: 1000 per month


    The intelligence refers to the ability of the platform to

    – Manage battery energy efficiently: the cost of batteries can represent up to 25% of the cost of manufacturing of a mobile platform and it is important to monitor how these batteries are used to limit their premature degradation.

    • Automatically set the map of the navigation environment inside the factory.
    • Automatically plan safe routes according to the map data.
    • Locate at any time inside the navigation map.
    • Execute navigation plans (mission) while avoiding possible dynamic obstacles.
    • Cooperate with other platforms (fleets of vehicles) to meet mission objectives


    The students working on this project will have the mission to collaborate on the development and optimization of the second generation of AGV.

    In order to achieve the objectives of the R&D project, a research project will be assigned to each student in the team. Some research topic proposals are presented below. More details about the research project will be provided for interested students.

    • Characterization and optimization of an intelligent vision system for winter navigation.
    • Characterization and optimization of inertial navigation system, GPS, Lidar, Laser scanner etc.
    • Fusion algorithm design and validation for optimized vehicle position estimation.
    • Point-to-point navigation including trajectory planning

    Required profile

    We are interested in recruiting students for an internship of minimum 6 months, for a master degree or Ph.D. degree.

    • We need students who are highly motivated by robotic and artificial intelligence solutions.
    • Technical skills: embedded software development, coding (ROS, C++, Python).
    • Special attention will be paid to candidates with programming skills on ROS.

    Apply Online

    pdf, docx or txt only. Max. 10MB

    pdf, docx or txt only. Max. 10MB