Internship-ROS code optimization


As part of a partnership with the company Noovelia Inc. (Quebec, Canada) which designs and produces line follower AGVs. Our team’s mission is to offer a fully autonomous navigation solution for industrial AGVs.

In this context, multiple topics are proposed for mid-to long-term internships. We aim to offer a stimulating environment, working on high-tech robotic platforms as real industrial AGVs with the latest high-tech sensors (SICK Lidars, Microstrains IMUs…). The following internship proposals are broad so that they can be discussed and oriented depending on candidate profile and project requirement.

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    In order to experimental validate our industrial robot prototype, we are looking for a versatile profile who has already worked on a robotics project based on ROS and who is comfortable with the testing and integration of available packages. The intern must optimize our ROS nodes and define a benchmark to experimentally validate our algorithms. The student will also develop some ROS nodes depending on project requirements.

    Department: Génie électrique ou Génie Mécanique
    Professor: Sousso Kelouwani
    Education: Bachelor's Degree
    Compensation: Scholarship Available

    Required profile

    We are interested in recruiting students for an internship of minimum 6 months.

    • Programming language: C++/Python
    • Tools: ROS1, catkin tools, Gazebo
    • Experience: Experience in ROS projects involving mobile robots. Understanding and building tools like catkin.
    • Others: Git, Linux

    CV/Resume - pdf, docx or txt only.

    Cover Letter - pdf, docx or txt only.