L’ABC de l’hydrogène vert – Radio-Canada – Kodjo Agbossou

Smart Grid LIREI Kodjo Agbossou
Hydrogen Research Institute

Green hydrogen, a solution to fight against climate change? Canada, particularly Quebec, is in an interesting position, argues Bertrand Masselot, President and CEO of Air Liquide. Thanks to its hydroelectricity, the province can, in particular with the plant located in Bécancour, produce green hydrogen, while more than 95% of the hydrogen used in the world is still “gray”, either produced with energies non-renewable. At Pénélope’s microphone, Kodjo Agbossou, member of the Hydrogen Research Institute at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, and Mr. Masselot explain the growing enthusiasm for hydrogen, its different uses as well as ways to extract it.