Xcalibur and Gemini single-crystal X-ray diffractometer

Xcalibur and Gemini single-crystal X-ray diffractometers from the Rigaku Oxford Diffraction division have a proven track record earned over many years. From the first Xcalibur installed in 1999 to the world’s first co-mounted dual-source diffractometer, the Gemini (2005), both instruments have well-deserved reputations for providing great data quality, with outstanding system reliability. Xcalibur and Gemini systems employ Enhance fine-focus X-ray sources, which can be either molybdenum or copper radiation and are factory pre-aligned to give maximum intensity. Coupled with the either the highly sensitive and dynamic Eos, Atlas or CCD S2 detectors, these systems offer great data quality to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern day laboratory environment.