Pfeiffer HLT 560 Leak Detector

The new Pfeiffer Smart Test HLT 560 Vacuum and Sniffing Leak Detector with rotary vane backing pump, combines the simplicity of eight basic setting keys and you only have to program your Smart Test once. These new units have advanced system intelligence to give you easy access to powerful testing capabilities. Can be used for either sniffer or vacuum leak detection.

Easy to use (Simple Operation)
An easy touch button control panel, plus optional wired or wireless remote contrl. The Pfeiffer Smart Test Leak Detectors combine the simplicity of operation with advanced expert system intelligence. Fully automated start-up and calibration maximize productivity. Large control panel screen with excellent clarity, even at wide angles. The intuitive menu structure is easy to navigate while programmable test sequences improve testing efficiency.


Powerful (Broad Range of Test Methods)
The state-of-the-art spectrometer and vacuum system provide powerful capability, enabling a broad range of test methods for diverse applications. High test-port pressure tolerance allows testing for large leaks. High sensitivity (10-12 Range) for finding the smallest leaks. High pumping speed for helium insures fast response and clean-up times. High-efficiency ion source and beam optics optimze sensitivity.

Modular Concept (Variety of System Configurations)
A wide range of options allows for broad configuration flexibility. Primary pump and system mounting options with optional cart to best suit your needs. Lightweight design enables easy transport.

Dependable (Robust Design)
Robust design innovations allow the Smart Test Leak Detectors to conform to the most rigorous industrial standards and to operate dependably in the most challenging environments. Fast clean-up times enhance overall system up-time. Robust Faraday cup technology delivers high reliability and low cost of ownership. Conforms to CE, UL, and CSA standards, assuring global acceptance.