About IRH

Hydrogen Research Institute (IRH) of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) is one of Canada’s leading institutions in hydrogen research.

Our mission is to advance science and technology for the establishment of a sustainable energy system using hydrogen particularly in the field of storage, safety and use. The Hydrogen Research Institute is a multidisciplinary team of over 50 people having at its disposal state of the art equipment and laboratories.

The research and development activities carried out at IRH extend from material science to system development and technology demonstration.

Our research program includes fundamental and applied aspects, including:

  • Studying the physicochemical phenomenon related to adsorption of gas mixtures;
  • High throughput screening by computational techniques, synthesis of the screened potential candidates, characterization of their properties, and experimental validation;
  • Development of models to optimize the design of systems based on these materials;
  • System engineering and validation; and
  • Techno economic assessment of adsorptive systems for hydrogen distribution and delivery.
The Institute is particularly interested in the development of advanced materials to address the technical gaps needed for commercially competitive hydrogen energy systems, in performing fluid dynamics simulations of hydrogen releases for safety, as well as the safety and lifetime analysis of new materials and hydrogen energy systems.